Is your home having a mid-life crisis?

Let’s give it the facelift it deserves. By which we mean, a beautifully crafted, expertly executed renovation.

Renovation Midcentury Modern Interior Design Ann Arbor Mi
Renovation Interior Design Exactly Designs

We love to add spark and style to every space.

The process is geared towards working with your home’s best features. While we won’t hesitate to gut a bathroom that no longer holds water, we’ll never destroy a cool feature or disrespect an architectural masterpiece.

Kids Playroom Interior Design Ann Arbor Mi

Together, we’ll get excited about reimagining every angle.

And the hands-on execution will be as memorable—and dare we say fun—as the creative stuff.

We’ll communicate with total transparency so you’re never left wondering about the next step, make sure we’re living a few weeks in the future to stop issues before they happen, and simply, be there every step of the way as your ideal outcome takes shape.

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