About Us

About Us

I was once asked,
“How do you know when a room is well-designed?”

And my answer is: You just notice—visually and emotionally—if it’s exactly right. If the room has realized its full potential.

This is our mission—Logo

Nursery Kids Room Interior Design Exactly Designs
Colorful Living Room Design Black And White Wallpaper Yellow Chair

It’s the dream, right?

To bring unique, unconventional perspective to every space.

Our specialty is Midcentury Modern.

Classic, cohesive, and custom to each client we meet.

We create exceptional, nuanced style.

For new construction, home renovations, and commercial spaces.

And we do it with savvy.

And grace. And lots of joy and laughter.

About Elin Exactly Designs

Hi, I’m Elin.

The six homes I grew up in were completely overhauled. The bones were there and the vision was there—but I had the pleasure of watching my family evolve each space into something truly special. And the story continues with me—another generation of design.

Living abroad has shaped my aesthetic perspective. In Sweden, I honed in on my personal style—clean lines and simple form. The Swedes really get design and I noticed it. While living in Australia, I discovered the biggest, coolest, sculpture—Ayres Rock (Uluru). Nature at its best. Big, bold, beautiful.

I also love the tiny details—both natural and created—in design, in clothing, buildings, nature, people, literally everywhere. I’m drawn to texture and pattern, mixing light and shadow, echoing a color palette across a space to make it just so inviting.

And the best part is, I get to do this every day. Meeting new clients is my favorite thing—second only to watching them light up as we make design magic.

Maija Stutsman Exactly Designs

Hi, I’m Maija.

If you read Elin’s family history, you read mine, as we are sisters! Our design sense being shaped so similarly, it was a no-brainer to work together.

Design entered my professional life after college when my husband and I moved back to our hometown to renovate historic buildings for residential and commercial use. Walking into a space and imagining all the possibilities is one of my absolute favorite things on earth.

Although I love the 19th-century buildings we worked on, my favorite project was turning a 1960s garage and gas station into a Midcentury-inspired health and fitness facility where I worked for 10 years.

I’m excited to be a part of creating that same sense of joy for Exactly’s clients.

About Exactly Designs And Elin Walters

Five Questions with Elin



If you could have any color stove what would it be?

Orange! I’m cheery, optimistic, alive, a risk-taker, and a bit fiery.

About Exactly


What’s the thing you love most about your home?

My lego wall, it’s fun, it’s unique—it brings me joy every time I see it.

About Exactly Designs


What’s your favorite design concept come to life?

Honestly, it’s a tie between this custom conversation pit (yes, they’re back!) and the candy-inspired Sugar Parlor.

Elin Exactly Designs Shoes


How do you add a little extra happiness to your day?

I have a closet full of fun shoes. This is what happens when passion for fashion and design collides.

About Elin Walter Sweden


What’s your dream vacation destination?

Sweden! I love returning to the homeland.
I always come back brimming with inspiration.