New Builds

Is there anything more beautiful than a fresh start?

Yes. Yes, there is. A gorgeous, intentionally crafted new home with every detail thoroughly thought through, and executed to perfection.

Exactly Designs Mid Century Modern Interior Design Img
Mid Century Modern Interior Design For New Builds Ann Arbor Mi Img

Our process is alive with creative joy.

We’ll explore a world where radiant colors and lively patterns meet classic looks and clean lines—only to fall in love and create the most beautiful version of home.

Exactly Designs Mid Century Modern Interior Designer

During the build, we’ll become everyone’s favorite.

Your contractor will love our expertise in everything from finishes and lighting to roofing and siding. Your vendors and artisans will delight in having a reliable narrator who knows how to give direction.

And, of course, you’ll get to experience a process—typically known as stressful and disruptive—but remixed as super fun and creatively fulfilling.

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