What’s the process?

Most of us like to know what’s next and what we can plan on! We follow a simple process to take us from the current state of your home…to one that you’re truly excited about.

1. Initial Contact
You’ve found us—now we just need to connect. We love to chat on the phone and hear your voice, but with busy lives, an email may be the perfect start. We want to know your story. What kind of house do you live in? Why are you drawn to our style in particular? The fit is important for both of us, so let’s find out!

2. Consultation
• Tour your space, discussing needs and wishes
• Determine style preferences
• Brainstorm possible design solutions

3. Agreement
After the consultation, we will put together a proposal outlining the scope of the project, including an estimate of design and service costs. An agreement will be drafted, based on the specifics of your project, and we will ask that you sign off. A deposit for design fees will be due.

4. Measurements & Photography

Upon signing the Agreement, we will set up a date for us to return to your home to measure the spaces involved and snap ‘before’ photos. If contractors are to be involved in the project, evaluations, input, and estimates are to be gathered at this time.

5. Design & Pricing

All us! You sit back and we design. After we’ve come up with a new look and feel for your space(s), we’ll present to you—in the form of a mood board—what your new design could look like. If a renovation is involved, a floor plan and rendering will also be drawn. Together we will tweak the design, at which point we will price the project and send you a design proposal.

6. Approval

All items to be included in your project will be priced out and presented to you for approval of purchase. You click the boxes and we’re on our way.

7. Order/Schedule Service

All items will be ordered and services scheduled immediately after payment is received.

8. Installation
Most furniture will be delivered directly to your door. Accessories are items will be brought on installation day. If renovations are to take place, we will be in constant communication regarding the timeline of the work to take place by contractors. We will manage the general contractor and be your always-reliable point of contact.

9. Photoshoot
As the final details fall into place and your space is looking fantastic, it will be time for a photo shoot. Taking photos of your project is an exciting time! This is when we get to see quality images of what your home would look like in a magazine! These images help us build our business and we thank you for this last step.

How long should I expect the process to take?

We will give it our best guess at the start of the project. We want to move as efficiently and smoothly as you do and strive to keep things clipping along. Planning and thinking ahead is our mantra.

How often do you communicate with us throughout the project?

Constantly! You will hear back from us within 24 hours of any email or call. We will keep you up to date each step of the way.

At what point in the project should we hire an interior designer?

From day one! There are many decisions to be made—big and small—and you don’t want to make the wrong one. Starting with the overall plan and design is the key to the success of the project.

Do you manage the project?

We manage all aspects of a project, from one-room designs to whole-home builds. Working closely, and communicating often, with contractors is how we get the job done.

Do you provide contractors?

We have contractors and subcontractors locally who we work with on a regular basis. We love them! If your project is outside of Michigan, we communicate closely with anyone you have chosen to do the work. It’s a proven process and it works beautifully.

What’s the fee structure?

You will know at the start of the project an estimate of design fees. We typically charge hourly and are able to give our best estimate before launching.

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